Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum)

Everyone should Invest in Mutual Funds, no matter how much they earn. It is the needs of everyone to make it one habit, to do saving and turn it into Wealth for their future needs. Now the point is how they should Invest as SIP or Lump-Sum.

If an Investor is salaried they must do Systematic Investment Plan as per their monthly Income. There should be 10 to 20% of the salary must be invested in Monthly SIP. Sometimes they get good bonuses and other allowances then they can put those amounts as Lump-sum Investments in their Mutual Funds Portfolio. 

This means both ways of Investing in Mutual Funds can be done as per their Income from time to time. If someone is School Teacher, they should teach or make aware to the students in class about Systematic Investment Plans or Mutual Funds Investment and their benefits. 

If someone is Senior Executive in their company, Factory or Office must guide their Junior to create wealth through Investment In Mutual Funds as the liquidity level of mutual Funds is very high any time they can get their investment back. If someone is a businessman or businesswoman or in corporate they are also supposed to Invest in Mutual Funds they can select as per their comfort.

It is seen that Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is not normally comfortable with businessmen. So they can do the KYC then they can Invest the lump-sum amount as per their comparability. 

Mutual Funds have the following excellent benefits :

  • It has a high level of transparency and Can be used for Tax Saving under 80C High level of Liquidity

  • Convenient for all Min Rs.500/- SIP to any amount of SIP can be done.

  • Secured Investment since 1965 through UTI (Unit Trust of India)

  • Risk Can be managed as per Investor's needs

  • High return as compared to the traditional Investment plan

  • Can be withdrawn anytime.

  • Investment under guidelines of SEB (Stock Exchange BOARD of India) and RBI

  • Online and Offline can be Invested through Allneeds.

Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum) both ways can be suitable for Investment as our ultimate goal should be Investment. Once it is Invested under the guidelines of an Investment Advisor then they can select funds as per Market situation. There is NFO (New Funds Offer) which is very useful once the Market is at the top level or in Bull Run.

 A selection of the right company will be done by the fund manager. In bull run condition if you are investing in some running funds and the market got crashes then it is very difficult to survive in the investment plan. It is always good to invest under expert observation and the right advisory support. Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum) is very much suitable for high return and low tax paying to the government in the long run. 

There is no tax to pay if the profit amount is up to 1 lac. In comparison to other traditional Investment opportunities where the Investor has to pay a 30% tax in the case of Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum), they have to only 10% of the profit amount under Long term Capital Gain Tax (LTCGT).

In case of Investment is taken out in less than one year then It is eligible for Short term Capital Gain Tax (STCGT) which is 15%. Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum) should be planned under the guidelines of an Expert, and Portfolio should be balanced then no one can stop to get a good return in the long run.

It is an excellent way of Investment. It is also called 8 the Wonder of the World. If someone planning for Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum) as they must know the types of Mutual Funds and their short-term and long-term benefits

Large Cap Mutual Funds are purchased if someone wants moderate risk from their Investment, Mid Cap Funds are called High-risk funds whereas Small Cap Mutual Funds are very high-risk funds. There is Balance Funds where there is a 40% Debt Part and only 60% of the amount invested in the Equity Market may be suitable for senior citizen. 

There are sectoral funds that are also considered high-risk funds. In India, once you are searching for Mutual Funds Investment (SIP or Lump-sum) then must know about correct AMCs ( Asset Management Companies) and their fund managers who manage the funds to get the best return on your Investment.

So selecting of right funds take too much of points to think about before Investment. Allneeds Advisory Services Pvt Ltd in Paschim Vihar providing advisory services since 2016 where an Investor can get Online Investment Portal and Offline Advisory support through his Expert and Certified Investment Advisor.